Are you aware that Google listens to you and even records your activities without your knowledge? Your most intimate conversations have been captured countless times especially if yours is a smartphone.

When using an android phone, any time you utter the word ok in your conversation will prompt Google to start recording your utterances. As you go about your daily chores, the microphone will be automatically switched on and Google will be able to record what is going on around you if you are connected to the internet.

Google is mainly focused on advertising and will use the information collected to market its services. The information will be sold to leading brands so that they can easily reach their target audience in their marketing campaigns.

To know the recording that Google has regarding your conversation, you need to have signed in to your Gmail account. You will then write ‘ on your browser.

This will direct you to a site where all your activities are recorded. You will view the videos you recently watched, the sites you visited and your other recordings. The activities will be listed chronologically with the latest appearing at the top of your search.

You need to be careful when accessing this site as there are details you would not want anyone else to know about you. Access the site in private so that you can get rid of what you would not want anyone else to access.

It is possible to stop Google from recording your conversation. All you need to do is to go to the activity control section, then to web & apply activity and switch it off.

There is a possibility that the terms could change and Google will go back to recording your conversation. To stop this from happening, you need to keep checking regularly so that you can turn off the recording option whenever necessary.