The use of technology has become a necessity that you cannot live without. Today, most of the transactions are carried out using technology which has provided a platform for cybercriminals to scam you.

Here are some of the ways that criminals will use technology to scam you:

Social media impersonation

A criminal will log into your social media account illegally and then send messages to your friends. In the messages, they may ask for private details such as passwords and authorization codes that will later be used to scam them.

E-banking fraud

A criminal will send a suspicious email to you and ask you to open an attachment. If you do this, your details will be exposed to the hacker and he will use them to scam you.

Online transactions fraud

You may buy some items online from a store but once you make the payment, the products will never be delivered. it is also possible to pay for high-quality products only to receive substandard materials and when you try to complain, nothing will be done.

Password theft

A criminal can tamper with your website by stealing your logins from your PC. The criminal will search your PC and if he succeeds in getting your logins, he will tamper with the details of your website. he will modify your website as he wishes which could greatly harm your credibility and rating on search engines.


A criminal may choose to intimidate you by following all your activities on social media. He will send you obscene messages, make threats, and harass you in every possible way. The best option, in this case, would be to block the stalker on all your social media pages.

Alternatively, you can close your current and use new details to open a new account. With this, you will be careful to post limited information and only accept friend requests from close friends.

The rate of cybercrime is going higher each day as technology advances. All you need to do is to stay alert and block any security threat. Do not click on unknown links and only use your credit card on secure sites.